The benefit of joining SWRAP is that you are supporting those who want to support you as a Commodore user, primarily in the Chicagoland area. Joining helps us to keep you informed on Commodore events and news. It also puts you in touch with other members who can help you get the most out of your Commodore 64 & 128. It helps us to have a place to meet to hold monthly meetings. It helps us to maintain a web presence to let people know that we exist, and a web site to keep members informed. Our web site is a good starting place for people to locate Commodore support online! Lastly, it helps us invest in new software that will help keep our computers useful for many years to come!

2 thoughts on “Membership

  1. Heather Nagey

    Hi! I’m currently participating in an international scavenger hunt for the charity Random Acts. One of the items this year is to program an animation on a C64. I actually have the program ready to go but the USPS lost my C64 in the mail and I won’t receive it on time.
    I was wondering if there was anyway I could meet up with someone who has a working C64 just to film the program.
    I would eternally appreciate any help you could provide. Thank you!

  2. Jim

    Hello Heather,

    I sent you a more detailed reply via email. Since my principal email address is from a .us subdomain first contact often ends up in one’s spam folder. You may need to dig it out.

    Jim Mazurek

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